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Hamissa Nicole

Hamissa Nicole is the lady who is in Charge of social commerce in ICT Chamber by Training iWorkers and MSMEs ,to onboard their Business online through WhatsApp Shop .

Access to Market and Membership


Dieudonné DUSABIMANA , is the Person who is in charge of Digital Marketing and iWorkers Management in Rwanda ICT Chamber.

iHuzo eBusiness Academy

IHUZO ACADEMY aims at enhancing the capacity of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and internet workers/freelancers to identify business opportunities throughout the ecosystem, and equipping them with professional and digital skills that they need to unlock such opportunities. The Academy provides business digital courses including: WhatsApp Shop creation and navigation, Google My Business integration, Mobile Application development , API integration, QR codes creation and use, etc.

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Rewarded iWorker


Performed in the process of onboarding 25 MSMEs in one week on WhatsApp Shop

Business Owner of Tentmaker Gas Solution Ltd


After Training he created his online shopping and start earn some much money

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